Daisy's Bunnies Rabbitry

Specializing in Mini Rex rabbits

Hello, I'm Daisy 

Daisy's Bunnies is named after our dog, Daisy. She has always been a good helper (and sometimes not so helpful) with our rabbits! 

My name is Rachel. I show in open shows and my little sister shows in youth. I have had rabbits for a long time. My first mini rex was bought from a breeder just before she was about to sell to a pet store. Her name was Honey cause that was her color (Could've been fawn, or red I don't remember very clearly what her color was) Honey captivated us with her sweet disposition and outstanding rex fur. A couple years later we went to Angel's Rabbitry to buy show quality mini rex.

 Here at Daisy's bunnies we have a small rabbitry. We are exclusively mini rex in Broken, blue and black otter, black and blue, and REW. We are striving to improve the breed's health(main concern), behavior, type, fur, and otter color. The Website is under construction. If you would like to be apart of my links page email me your name, location, and breeds raised.