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Daisy's Baby

2 Legs for Best Junior Variety

Out of Antonio and Kt's Dakari. Most successful rabbit we have produced (so far) Has been having trouble in the Senior classes though, for that final leg. Will keep trying! 

**Update: Baby won his third leg at Kennewick, Wa on Oct 15 2011!! He is our 1st home bred Grand Champion.





 Angel's Cricket

1 leg for Best Junior Variety 

Broken blue with very soft plush fur. Judges have told me it is too soft, but I love it! Seems to get mixed opinions, seems like sometimes he is first other times, bottom of the class. Great HQ's and awesome head and ear, pretty blue color. Purchased from Bruce (Angel Rabbitry).  





 Larue's Oliver (Antonio)

1 Leg for BOV

Several BOV, BOSV and Great Judge comments, but never enough exhibitors to give him a leg. If only I had started showing earlier with him he would definitely be a Grand Champion :( Purchased from Bruce of Angel Rabbitry. HUGE head, great fur density and texture, good depth and HQ. Little long in the shoulder