Daisy's Bunnies Rabbitry

Specializing in Mini Rex rabbits

Daisy's Girls


  Daisy's Peekaboo

Kener's EZ Duz It x Kt's Dakari

Several BOSV's but no legs :(Good type overall, little long in the ear, and lacks density. SOLD! Thank you John 


            Bechtol's Diamond (Flicker)

Nice blue otter doe.Really good type, except some protruding pinbones, this seems to haunt my herd. Several BOSV no legs. Has several scattered white hairs, from White mommy. Purchased from Lisa Bunney (Rabbit Run Rabbitry) She's a good momma.

Angel's Saphira

One of the first rabbits purchased from Bruce (Angel Rabbitry) Doesn't like to pose. Hasn't been shown, she's a charlie (Not genetically) Good Momma and produces NICE otters.

Kt's Dakari (Ebony)

Best brood doe, loves taking care of her babies. She's a big old girl and looks ugly in the photo (Molting and overweight) but we love her. She is now retired from breeding and living out her life in a nice roomy pen.


 Daisy's Skippy John Jones

Larue's Oliver x Angel's Saphira

Bad photo! Broken Black Otter was the first baby born here, and on the wire no less. was born with a peanut which was still born. We love her, particularly Daisy. She doesn't have great type and her fur is full of guard hairs, but she does have good HQ's and an awesome topline.


KT's Mistaken Identity

So named because when she was born the breeder thought she was a black otter. Lucky for her because blue otters are culled there. Can't thank Kathy (Kt's Bunny Barn) enough for letting us purchase her. Awesome Type and won BOV of four animals at the youth show. Hoping to get her some legs before we breed her this summer to Larue's Oliver. Only fault the judge gave her was lacking in depth, but the Judge also said she may have some development to do.   


Soon to be added to the rabbitry after pickup from Nationals in Reno: GC Haulin' Buns JLO (Broken black) and GC Kt's Showgirl (black)  Very excited to add these two does to our program. Might even be adding another one or even a buck, haven't decided yet, but these two does have been purchased from Berlena (Berlena's Place Rabbitry), These two does will be bred pretty immediately after we get them, so we can offer juniors the fall afterwards.

Bought another doe from Nicole and Nathan Boehringer of Hidden Luck Ranch! Very excited to have Scotcha's GP2 (Gabriella) come here. Better yet she will come bred to Otter Delight's Taos. This should get some nice new blood lines in my herd! Thank you so much Nicole and Nathan!