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Specializing in Mini Rex rabbits

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Sales Policy

We reserve the right to refuse sale of rabbit to anyone.

All rabbits will come with pedigree unless otherwise listed.

Our rabbits are free of disqualifications unless listed otherwise.

Our rabbits are free from diseases at time of sale and we guarantee health for one week. If a rabbit perishes of disease (Not dogs, or kids, or poison or poor diet; an Illness that possibly originated from my stock) I can offer replacement of rabbit of same value, NO REFUNDS.

Nonrefundable deposit of half of sale price is required to hold a rabbit. If you decide during holding period to not buy the rabbit, your deposit is forfeit.

 Discounts are only offered for purchases of multiple (2 or more) rabbits.

I am not responsible for the rabbits performance on show tables or as a brood animal. I can only give you my honest opinion about a rabbit's quality, however its only that; an opinion, just like every judges opinion is different.